Thursday, March 1, 2018

I'll Walk Alone... I Swear !

Success is not an option
failure isn't too...
who said in all that action
I can't be with you ?
one day you'll discover
how important it is to me...
having a great Lover
and a loyal friend beside me....
why things have to be
white or black not gray
it is obvious can't you see?
you're so jealous I must Say!
Why you're not so sure
I can't understand the reason
what makes you insecure?
Friendship is not a Treason !
Honesty is my virtue ;
Loyalty as well indeed
I know you care don't You?
But Why Love turns to Greed ?
Let there be Love & Peace...
Let there be Joy & Fun.
Let's Fly to Greece
Enjoy the Sea & Sun !
Last night, you were silent
as if you triggered a Fight!
For that I'm not a Client...
Even If I was Right !
For Once I found you there...
Mature Understanding & Rare...
Stop this Drama or else...
I'll walk alone again... I swear.

March 1st, 2018


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