Monday, February 12, 2018

The UN Listens to Social Media

It's a perfect example on how we can use Social Media to create a Change in Our Societies... if you a have a story... share it because someone is Listening....

The United Nations System in Lebanon launched on Monday 5 February a social media campaign targeting all citizens in Lebanon and the Lebanese diaspora, entitled “UN Listens”.

The campaign aims at engaging people in sharing their ideas on how they can make their communities better. A dedicated website,, in English and Arabic, was created for people to present constructive ideas, suggestions and projects regardless of how big or small they are.

The authors of the best 10 letters will have the opportunity to discuss their ideas with UN experts to make a change in their community. This is an important opportunity for communities to interact with the UN in a meaningful and productive way.

Below is the link for the TV Spot we prepared for this campaign:

من لبنان الكبير الى لبنان الجديد

  كتب الكثير في المئوية الاولى للبنان التي ترافقت للأسف مع انفجار من اكبر الانفجارات (غير النووية) في العالم. انفجار محا معالم العاصمة التي ...