Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Your Next Flight... Kiss your phone goodbye!

WARNING : The story you are about to read is not a fiction and the actors are real! 

Mr. P. K. was getting ready to take the flight number AF 1555 from Algeria to Paris.... After locating his Business Seat, he deployed his personal belongings at the right place preparing himself for take-off… Placing his I-Phone in the seat pocket, he goes to the bathroom for few minutes and returns to his seat... Unfortunate business-man finds out his I-phone missing... Calls the flight attendant and says : 
- Excuse me lady, few minutes ago my mobile was just in this seat, I went to the bathroom and returned and I can’t find it! Can you help me?
- Flight Attendant replies: Uhhh! Sir, you are Unlucky because our ground staff just came to check for “other” passenger’s mobile from the previous flight. He was sitting at your same seat and has claimed his mobile as “lost” and they came to check for it, so they found it and took it. We did not know you were at the bathroom. We cannot do anything… we will try to ship it for you when you reach your destination. Please call our support team and they will help you. 

That was it! 

For almost a week later the desperate CEO kept calling Air France to track his mobile... Frustrated with his experience he decided to buy a new mobile...
yet no one apologized or even demonstrated real effort to fix this mistake. 

Telling me his story, explaining how frustrated he was… I shared with him my case....

I was taking the flight from Sweden to Paris and when I opened my luggage, my Nikon Camera Screen was severely damaged (Check Pic) because of Air France mishandling of the suitcase.When I revised the online team, they regretted the unfortunate accident asking me to consult the Team at the airport. And by the way, I want to congratulate the Online Team for their readiness and follow-up but the problem isn't there, there is a huge lack between the Online response and the Offline Action !

When I consulted the team at the Paris Charles De Gaulle airport they asked me to head to the Baggage Recovery at Ground Level and when I headed there I found no one and a notice to dial a number… when I dialed the number I found no one to take my call. . . 

Anyway, we are lucky to survive the flights and stay alive…

Lesson learned: Always look at the bright side!

Mr. P is always available on his new mobile if you found his i-phone that your crew took… and I forgot about my camera. 
Next Flight I'll Kiss my Phone Goodbye before Boarding... maybe it'll be the last time I see it ! 


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