Monday, May 30, 2016

You Only Have One Life

Whether you are starting your day, or you are just going to sleep...
you're too tired to think... or too busy to read ...
know that "you only have one life" and don't ever miss any chance , any moment , any day to be happy , to smile , and to say "I LOVE YOU" to people you really care about .

This is my Quick note today, read it every day .. Remember to BE HAPPY no matter what happens.
As long as you wake up in the morning... Say GOD I Love you .. & Start over again.


من لبنان الكبير الى لبنان الجديد

  كتب الكثير في المئوية الاولى للبنان التي ترافقت للأسف مع انفجار من اكبر الانفجارات (غير النووية) في العالم. انفجار محا معالم العاصمة التي ...