Saturday, June 2, 2018

On social media future trends...

I was asked about the next TWO big trends in Social Media in the coming few years... here are my answers :

Q1. From your own experience, name top 2 social media marketing trends brands should focus-on in 2018?

The Top Two Trends in the social media marketing are :
A- Video-Graph: People do not read long text anymore; you need to deliver your essence in a short video with text on image. Make your videos short ( less than a minute ) , attractive and spread them on all your social media accounts.
B- Social Media used as Customer Service:
More and more companies are using social media in customer relations and services and this is an efficient / fast and modern way to provide quick feedback to customers. You can start developing Message BOTS (robots ) able to provide this service with modern AI (artificial intelligence) in order to simulate a human-like conversation.

Q2. What do you predict for the future of social media?

I consider social media is here to stay, however I predict more problems when it comes to security and user-privacy.
We are living in an exposed world and there is a need to protect oneself by taking care of our online security.
I predict developed social media services with Augmented Reality tools and applications and I also foresee a drop in Facebook users due to privacy problems.

If you had different views than mine, I would gladly love to hear them on my personal twitter. 
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