Monday, December 31, 2018

Your Roadmap to a better year 2019 !

As we approach the end of 2018, many of us start to plan and think for a new and better year ahead. Wherever you live, whatever your financial situation is and no matter how difficult your environment (work, family) is, I want you to know that there will always be a chance for new beginnings.

On a professional level, think and create a strategy. What is a strategy?

It is a detailed plan that guides you towards your goal. Find out what is your ultimate goal this year and work to achieve it. Remember this: “We never achieve by dreaming, we dream and work hard and achieve”. So do not sit in your office and dream of a better future, it will not take you anywhere. You have to set up a monthly plan, execute it and EVALUATE it.

On personal level, try to cooperate with your environment

Make extra efforts to love everyone around you. Believe me there is nothing more powerful than LOVE.

If you have someone who bothers you constantly, try to speak to him/her and if you are afraid of their reactions, try inviting them outside your work environment for a coffee or drink or even movies and you will get to know them closely and by knowing more people you will develop the perfect skills in dealing with them.

If you were in a relationship, try to push your relationship to the next level. Think of the little small details that will make your partner smile and happy. Remember it is not always about how much you spend, it’s about how much happiness you can achieve with your loved ones.

And for the rest of the year, try to do these little recommendations at least once / year:
1- Have Faith? Practice it!
No matter what religion you believe in, even if you were atheist, you still believe in something spiritual… visit that place that means a lot to you and makes you feel at ease with yourself and visit it more often. Try to find peace because it will not find you.

2- Tell people you love, that you love them.
If you can’t find at least one person to tell him/her “I Love You” then we need to talk!
Find that person you love and express yourself. You never know what the future hides…

3- Buy a plant.
If you want to make your environment a better one, bring more oxygen to it. Find a nice plant that you like, buy it and take good care of it. 

4- Start planning for your retirement.
Did you setup a retirement plan? Not yet, then what are you waiting for?
There are many ways where you can start a saving plan or life insurance with a saving plan to guarantee a better retirement. If you don’t think about yourself at this level, think of your family and people around you. The better you are, the better they will be.

5- Spend more time with your best friend.
Not any friends, those who really ask about you, care about you and wish you happiness and love. You will know them very well. Try to call them and ask to see them more frequently you will end up with a smile on your face.

6- Medical Check-up is a necessity.
If you were a millionaire and your health is Poor then you have nothing at all. A good health needs to be maintained well and to achieve it you need to do regular medical check-ups in order to see how your body is functioning and in order to understand it more as you get old with time.

7- Do sports
I know you will say: tomorrow starts my DIET! But until then, take a decision to walk at least for 30 minutes daily or do some home exercises if you do not have the time to go to GYM. Do not become a “6 pack freak” no. but at least burn the extra fat you got especially during the last two weeks!! (It’s CHRISTMAS)!

Until then, I will come back to ask you next year: What have you done to make your 2019 a better year?

Happy New Year and Happy New Start.

Dec. 31st, 2018

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