Friday, August 10, 2018

Why I Love Lebanon?

 A word from the heart to our fellow Lebanese Expats
I had the honor to deliver a session on Social Media and the art of using it to promote positivity taking the example of the hashtag I started in 2012 #Ilovelebanonbecause , 
this session was delivered to the distinguished lebanese expats from 25 countries participating at the Maronite Academy for this summer of 2018. 
I hereby share with them few words from the heart. 

I had a chance 10 years ago to leave Lebanon for a better job opportunity abroad.
Every time I had the idea of leaving, I remembered my grandma who used to cry when she wanted to see her 4 children who left Lebanon because of the war.
We are at peace… why should we surrender and choose the easy way out?
I always say that staying in Lebanon is an act of resistance. Staying here and being productive and proactive gives your life a meaning and a goal.
Staying here makes you feel proud because we have so much to be proud of… not what you see in the news…
God gave us the Cedars of Lebanon / He Gave us Geita Grotto / the Valley of saints / the Mountains of Sannine and the Amazing fertile lands of the bekaa and south.
 He gave us open seas and snow and 4 seasons.
Do not underestimate our beautiful weather and 300 days of SUN!
Our weather is moderate and so should be our political system. We should always live by mutual acceptance and understanding.

The bad politicians we have should not discourage us. The bad waste crisis should not make us surrender… the refugees crisis should never affect the country’s demographics … because all these problems are temporary and will soon be over…

What remains is the Cedar. Saint Charbel. Our Lady of Lebanon and Every Family struggling to make a living in this Country.

We have to fight for our Lebanon. We have to tell the world what it means to be a Lebanese and what it takes to rebuild a country from ashes every time and after every war.
We have to learn that Lebanese people / when left alone without any foreign interference / can do miracles. And I believe that every one of you (Our Expats) is a miracle / a disciple who will spread the Lebanese Culture and Heritage of 6000 years to the world and most importantly return one day to the land of our ancestors.

Philippe abou zeid
Aug, 10, 2018 

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