Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Your Roadmap to a better 2020 !

Towards A New Beginning that really matters !


365 days ago, on this day - 31st of December 2018 - I wrote “Your Roadmap to a better year 2019”! ; Today, as the countdown to 2020 begins, I would like to share with you another roadmap to a happier year 2020.


Make sure to take a deep breath before we start;

Take a minute to :

1- Think

2- Evaluate

3- Learn

4- Repeat


- Think about what happened with you this year, remember one achievement that makes you a prouder person. (Even something that no one knows about)

- Evaluate your relationship with people around you and how it affected your life and how you affected them.

- Learn from your mistakes. Even if you think they were very big ones and remember: The greatest teacher in life is failure…

- Repeat: if your strategy was successful, repeat it! I remember once someone told me: “If it’s working: Do not touch it”. So it’s nice to put plans and change but not all changes might lead to successful endings.


Always remember life is short! Stop wasting time on things or people who make you less happy and less satisfied. Always seek joy and happiness. Find happiness in the little details of life. It’s not always money and fame and power that bring happiness. I have been with people who have millions in their bank accounts but their hearts are empty. Fill your heart with love and fill your pockets with the seeds of happiness and fill your brain with knowledge and information and empty your stomach from unnecessary junk food. Empty your heart from hatred. Empty the negativity from your spirit and most of all keep an empty space in your brain for something new.


No matter how knowledgeable you will get, never say: I’m done!

Keep your thirst for knowledge thriving for knowledge only will bring you to peace with yourself and the ones surrounding you!?


Finally, if you are wondering what to do in 2020, here is a list: 


1. GIVE: Do things for others. Decide at least to do one thing as an act of kindness.


2. Celebrate friendships: No one can enjoy life by sitting in a closed room. Go out and reach to your friends and enjoy life with them. 


3. Exercise: the more active you get, the happier your body becomes and the more relaxed you can be. Always find time to exercise. Get no excuses.


4. Appreciate: always be appreciative to people around you. Never take anyone or anything for granted. Always smile and thank people who share life with you.


5. Keep Learning: never say never! The more you learn the more you will discover how ignorant you were. The more you learn the more modest you will become.

And remember Jesus Christ was modest too.


6. Be Tolerant: Accepting others as they are is a gift. If you don’t have it, develop it. Remember that everyone is unique. Find something positive in everyone you know and focus on it. Do not judge others so you won’t be judged one day.


7. LOVE: finally, love and try to be loved.

Love will conquer all troubles in life. Start loving yourself first before loving others. Because if you don’t love yourself you will end up hating everybody.


Thank you and see you in 2021.





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