Wednesday, February 13, 2019

A letter of Love

The only true words are those we write / speak without double reading or editing.
here's what I wrote to the person I love today :

Wishing you a happy #ValentinesDay

On this day,
I want to say :
you make me smile and happy and you make me realize how life can surprise us with many different ways.
you make think of the reasons why we are in this world and the true purpose of life.
you make realize what is love . passion . care . And your presence made me also think of the little details that matter.
I don't think I was aware of loving someone like I am aware of loving you.

Love is not only a word of 4 letters. it's a meaning and a feeling that became true, only when i met you.

phil 14 - feb - 2019
dedicated to D.

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