Sunday, January 21, 2018

Think, Plan, Enjoy Fishing.

Content on Social Media is gaining importance day after day... 
In fact, it is everything. We all agree that creating a profile on Facebook , or a Page on Linked In , or a profile on Twitter or.. or.. is not Enough.

A profile, wherever it is created, is worth Nothing without TWO main components :

1- A Social Media Strategy
2- A Sustainable Content Calendar

If we don't have CONTENT we Don't have Social Media & I Add : "If our Content is not Engaging then it is a FAILED Content.

The Main Question remains :

I have recently developed a theory for Creating Content Online. Its Aim is to Help you Develop a Great Content Strategy that will allow you to Guaranty a Successful Online Presence.

 I call it the

So, what is it all about ?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram the 3 major Social Media platforms today are becoming over crowded and by default, a user cannot see more than 150 stories on his / her timeline on Facebook for example.
What if you had 1000 friends (only) who produced 3 stories / daily and you like 100 pages that sponsor their content on Daily basis ? That's 3000+ posts minimum.
You will end up seeing ADS (sponsored posts) between every post from your friends... This is exactly what drove Facebook Founder #MarkZuckerberg to Adopt a new policy at #Facebook.. 
And this is why CONTENT is and will always be KING.

Back to the theory, when you go fishing, you try your best to catch the bigger and better fish.
 The one that is worth all the Efforts you spend. To this End, you use multiple types of Lures or Baits.
From using a simple bread mixed with water to upgrading that to a worm or even a small fish to catch a bigger one... to moving deeper in the big blue sea....
you will keep trying until you catch your BIG FISH and return home satisfied.

on Social Media, your CONTENT is your BAIT. The more you develop it, the better the experience on Social Media gets.You might end up using a NET if all the techniques did not work...
But the less you invest in it, the less you will be satisfied with your Social Media Experience and you will return home empty handed & there is no 3rd Option.
This is why, I am inviting you to THINK more on the following : 

1- Who is your Target Audience ( what type of fish you are looking for )
2- Where do they exist ? Which Social Media Platform ? 
( where is your type fish breeding the most?)
3- What is the best technique to attract them ? ( which lure or bait you will use )
4- Who will execute it ? ( are you skillful enough to use your fishing rod or you will ask someone to help you in your fist fishing experience ).

After you finish defining all that, we can sit together and discuss your experience online.

Until Then ... Enjoy Fishing.

Social Media Expert

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