Saturday, June 30, 2018

When Facebook Hides your Posts...

A #Fact !

I have 5000 friends + 2000 and more followers that’s 7000+ people who can see my posts on #Facebook. YET ! Over the last two years I do not remember any post making more than 300 likes / or even reaching 10% of the people.
This is called #ALGORITHM.

Facebook decided after 2012 that they should decide what to show and what to hide from People’s #Timeline based on what “they” think better suits them.
On the other hand / #Twitter that also has its own algorithm is still better performing and “the go to” platform if you wish to write / express / exchange ideas.
Where does this take us to ?
Either facebook must bring back our friends or we should go out and reach them elsewhere.
And the best place would be : REAL LIFE. 


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