Friday, February 24, 2017

Towards a better culture & Movie experience...

After sharing with you my last experience last week especially what happened inside a movie theater in Beirut, many people contacted me concerning the bad destructive image this would create especially regarding this industry. This is not of course the target of writing that blog post. 

We need to encourage people to respect those who love and value this hobby in our society… but sometimes, no matter how hard people work to promote for something nice they have built, one person or two can ruin the whole scene.

I was unlucky that night to come across this couple of youngsters who really annoyed everyone around, but this of course does not mean that the movie theater experience and industry itself is held responsible. However, some more efforts are needed to be done in order to explain to customers that they can refer - at any time – to one of the ushers or managers on site to report any misbehavior and conduct. Something that I did not experience yet and I hope will never have to anymore. But as we meditate on the issue here, we conclude that it’s not only a matter of misconduct, it is more about people. Culture. Ethics and respect. 

What do we expect from some people in Lebanon who have been governed by the same political class for over than 30 years and still they did not think it is wrong? Or even if they did, refuse to act.

What do we expect from a society that allows someone to be killed brutally on the streets without even interfering? (remember this?) 
What do we expect from a society where every day you try to avoid tens of clashes on the roads while driving because some real crazy maniacs are behind the steering wheel? 

Where is the culture of dialogue? Where is the culture of understanding? Where is culture itself?
I can’t expect a lot from people, but I hope big industries – like the ones we have in Beirut and all over Lebanon - can do more effort to make a change. It starts with spreading awareness on the respect of the codes and ethics of driving, behaving in public places (Cinemas and theaters) and ends with the respect of our country and its Institutions. 

What I saw at the movies last Sunday was the epic of disrespect and it’s maybe a sample on how the new generation is becoming. This is surely not the responsibility of owners or managers of the prestigious place… but rather a collective responsibility of the whole society. 

We are all responsible to report, behave and know how to deal with such abnormalities.
Together we can make a difference and I am happy that people heard me well and my message is now clear! 

I am even happier to know that people are working hard to create a better country Lebanon as we want it. The country of Culture and Dialogue.

And for all this...

Let’s all work towards a better and refined culture in our country. Let us work for encouraging this industry and refuse to support counterfeit and illegal DVD market…

I will start by myself giving them a second chance towards a better movie and life experience in Beirut.

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