Thursday, August 15, 2019

Your Faith and Values determine who you are !

Everyone has targets and goals in their lives. Everyone set principles and try to abide by them. Some people consider having no principles or rules to be the best option. Others consider that matter to be more crucial than being alive.

Why I’m I tackling this topic? Because every day we are confronted with people around us, whether in our work environment or family or close friends who act and think according to their principles.
Our way of dealing with them depends on their way of understanding life and its principles. 

I have met people who are ready to do whatever it takes to reach their target and goals even if they had to let go their principles. And I have also met with people who stayed loyal to their beliefs and convictions even if they had to sleep hungry for several days and nights.
What defines a person’s principles and values in life? 

In my opinion, it is the way you are being raised and the way your parents raised you and the people you have encountered in your life who taught you sometimes without meaning it these principles and beliefs. I come from a family where my father used to wake up at 5 AM to go help his father in collecting the goods of the nature and the fruits of the trees they used to grow in order to take them to the market and sell them and make a decent living.

At the age of 16 my father used to drive a truck to the market, illegal at the time, but legal in the perspective of having responsibilities to carry and family duties to assume. He pursued his education to become an assistant-engineer in agriculture and an expert in agronomy. He then started his own plant nursery until the war began and everything he had built was taken away from him. He never surrendered, he rose like a phoenix from ashes and rebuilt the business that managed to teach 5 children and send them to the best schools and universities in the country.
He did all that with FAITH and Values. You can never be strong without these two. If you do not have FAITH in GOD who created you, you will never be able to overcome the impossible in human perspective. If you do not have Values, you will never be able to build a good reputation and gain people’s trust in your society. 

In brief, if you ask me who are you? I reply : I am the result of these TWO main values : FAITH and VALUES and I will never Let go my principles even if it took me years to reach where I want to be.
Therefore, people who like me are people who are like me. And people who have an issue with me, are people who were raised differently and people who had issues with their environment and thus with their values and principles. 

I am sharing this experience to say: 

"Live up to your values. Live up to your Faith. Live up to your principles. Never be discouraged by people who have hate in their hearts and who envy successful and clean people just because they can never be like them. Strong and Powerful people you meet in your life can take everything away from you. They can take your money, your position, and your possessions by force of connections and multiple illegal ways. But there is one thing that they can never take: it’s your Values and Faith.
Your values because they are part of your identity and your faith because it is the sole weapon that will make you strong enough to face all types of temptations to change who you are.

Life is a journey, make sure to cross it with your head up to the skies where your Heavenly Father is and where you will be heading one day. Make sure you keep it up and never look down, because when you do, you end up being like all those who let go their Faith and Values.
Aug 15, 2019

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